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France, Spain, Pyrenees - Motorcycle Accommodation Rental and Tour Information

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'Iím  thinking of one whole day on the road N260 in the Spanish-Pyrenees, representing one day of 4 maybe 5 passes.  Good road surface, few tourists on the road, riding curves 70% of the day. Everything from gentle twisty high speed curves to tight hairpins (close to 360) down steep hills at one side of a pass. The section we took from Jaca to Andorra has a lot of beautiful scenery that is really breath-taking.' Kesli - Norway, 2006 Rental Customer.  


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This is a site for Motorcycle riders wanting to visit France, the Pyrenees, Andorra and Spain has been evolving since Feb. 2007. (Links are in Orange or Blue). We have photos of the local area, links to ride ideas and selected accommodation (with some discounts) in France. Please send any photos you want included to Bill's e-mail he will include them with full credit to you. So feel free to drop back any time.




A touring motorcyclists paradise!

4 countries* within 100Km range of our base. The Med and the Atlantic beaches 150 KM in either direction - the fabulous Pyrenees - Pays de L'Ours and Pays de Loup (Bear and Wolf country) on our doorstep. Excellent food - cheap accommodation of all standards - rides to die for! Lots of English spoken - so no need to learn all the 4** languages spoken here! Outstanding landscapes, culture and roads for every style of bike and rider!

Photo Section slowly being superceded Lots of Routes with Images of the Pyrenees on a new site. Our ride ideas - downloadable route maps, absolutely free of charge. There are some excellent rides here and we are adding to them all the time.

* The four countries are Andorra, France, Spain - and the Basque country.

** Basque, Catalan, French, Occitan.  


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